Billy Sangster

A to Z of me

  • Addictions: Coffee, Twitter, buying music.
  • Bed size: King size, oh yes.
  • Chore you hate: Dusting, hoovering. I do not iron. Ironing is wrong.
  • Dogs or cats: Dogs. My best mate used to be a dog. Sad he's gone.
  • Essential start of your day: Twitter till 6:30, snooze till seven. Then porridge (winter) or Sultana Bran/Special K Red Berries mixture (summer) and coffee.
  • Favourite colour: Black most of the time, apart from a splash of red when I've got my favourite jumper on, very occasionally blue jeans (if everything else is in the wash). Unless I'm working then it's tramp-chique.
  • Gold or silver: Silver. I'm always about the underdog.
  • Height: 5'10", I think.
  • Instruments you play (or have played): Electric bass, upright bass, six string acoustic, six string electric, mandolin.
  • Job titles you've had: Electrician, bartender.
  • Kids: Two.
  • Live: Aberdeen, previously Peterhead
  • Mum's name: Freda
  • Nickname: None that anyone is brave enough to say to my face.
  • Overnight hospital stays: Once when I had an abcess in my throat.
  • Pet peeve: My own shortcomings and failures. Prone to beating myself up, on occasion.
  • Quote from a movie: "We'll buy this place and install a fucking jukebox in it," - Withnail and I.
  • Right or left handed: Right.
  • Siblings: Big brother, little brother.
  • Time you wake up: Alarm at six, up at around seven. Or eight. Or thereabouts.
  • Underwear: Aye. I had a year long experiment with no pants once. A sense of freedom. Once I had to try on clothes in a shop I reverted back.
  • Vegetables you dislike: Not that keen on bland cauliflower, but I'll eat it.
  • What makes you run late: My ever shortening attention span.
  • X-rays you've had done: Once had my finger done to make sure it wasn't broken. Teeth.
  • Yummy food you make: Not a good cook, although my fallback spaghetti bolognese is okay.
  • Zoo animal: Tiger, of course.
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