Arran Part Two

The night we’d arrived had been the end a beautiful sunny day. The morning after, however, turned out to be anything but. The notorious West Coast rain was making an appearance after a great, mostly dry, summer over this side. We’d come prepared for this though, so armed with waterproofs we jumped in the van for a trip around the island, hoping we’d get a chance to get out and see some sights along the way.

When it came to it, the only time we spent outside the van was when my son and I darted through the rain to a public toilet in Blackwaterfoot to relieve out straining bladders.

Oh, that and one other time when I noticed that I hadn’t fitted the new windscreen wipers I’d purchased for the van the day before we’d left. Looks like I’ll have to resort to tie wrapping the things on, as I discovered on checking them that the fittings don’t quite work with a Transit. Must remember to do that tomorrow.

We enjoyed our wee excursion though and it gave us all a better idea of our bearings for planning trips for the next few days.

We circumnavigated the whole island, then, back at Brodick once more, made a trip to one of the Co-Op supermarkets there to stock up on a few provisions we’d either run out of or I’d forgotten to take.

Back to the lodge it was, for ham bagels, bananas and yoghourts (daughter’s idea), before - yes, you guessed it - another game of “Settlers of Catan”. This was to be a momentous occasion for me however, for it was to be the first time I’d win a board game. Any board game. Ever. Granted, my competition was a ten year old and a seven year old, but a victory is a victory. I’d sleep soundly that night, I can tell you, in all my splendor as newly-crowned King of Catan.

Hopefully the rain won’t still be falling tomorrow.