My Guerilla Canvassing Experience

I mentioned the other day in the last rambling podcast (jings, I fairly go on when given the chance!) the places I’d been canvassing and leafleting during the referendum. I thought about it since and there’s actually quite a few. Here, for my own interests mainly, is a list of the places I’ve been:

  • Newburgh
  • Pitmedden
  • Oldmeldrum
  • Newmachar
  • Udny Station
  • Udny Green
  • Ellon
  • Methlick
  • Inverurie
  • Rothienorman
  • Daviot(leafleting)
  • Turriff
  • Fraserburgh
  • Peterhead
  • Hatton
  • Banchory
  • Kintore
  • Kemnay
  • Alford
  • Balmedie(leafleting)
  • Aberdeen City (Seaton)

Wow, I got around a bit in those few months.

It was great getting to visit all these places and meet all the people I did. I loved every minute of it.