Beware the Glory Hunter

So boots are quaking in constituencies all across the land as polls arrive suggesting a few upsets at the General Election in May.

The squirming anger of the entitled is painfully plain to see.

If it happens as predicted (but let’s be honest, the SNP gaining even thirty seats from the opposition would be an amazing success) I, for one, will be only too glad to see the back quite a few of this current generation of career politicians.

SNP constituency branches must be careful from hereon, however, as this success might make the party the prime target for the type of career and money-orientated wannabe politicians who blight the landscape of the current labour party.

It might be just what the Labour party needs, though. What sometimes happens when a traditionally high-flying Premier League football team unexpectedly finds itself relegated to the first division? The high earning players need to be shed and the team finds itself having to more or less start from scratch, with a bunch of young unknowns. The team rebuilt quite often gains the hunger lacking from the previous incarnation. Players playing “for the shirt” again, if you like.

Hopefully, if this apparent decimation was to happen to Labour’s branch office in Scotland, we’d see a party renewed with focus and vitality, ready to give the SNP a proper run for its money.

This has to happen.

Much as it would gladden my heart to see SNP domination, realistically we can’t become a single party state (not that that would happen in Westminster’s case, but thinking about Holyrood in 2016). That would be as, if not more, unhealthy than the current state of affairs.