Ohai There

It’s been a while, eh?


Looking at recent entries, I noticed the one where I talk about deleting Facebook posts. Well, I’ve gone a bit further and deleted the Facebook app from my phone and iPad, along with Twitter and Instagram. It’s a wee experiment I’ve decided to conduct to see if I miss social media. So far, I’m not missing it at all.

I feel like I should provide somewhere to let people who might be interested see what I’m up to, though - so I decided to try and resurrect this old blog.

I completely rebuilt it anew from the bottom up - spun up a new Linode server and tackled a new blogging platform written in Swift called Publish.

It’s been a wearisome task, but I’m just about there. Even got myself sorted with SSL (note the https and padlock in the address bar, up there).

A lot has happened in the almost three years since I last posted and I’ll try and fill you in as things come to mind. So expect a lot of random stuff, as my memory allows.

Ching ching. 😊