Eight years ago today

Eight years (let’s say a generation😉) ago we got the chance make our own decisions as a new (old) country. It didn’t go the way I’d have liked, but if it had, this is what I would like to think we would be working towards:

As I hope will happen if (when) we eventually do gain independence, the SNP and Alba (hopefully Labour too) will no longer exist, splintered, some hopefully forming a new, progressive party, some going to the Tory party (no doubt) and of course the Greens and whatever else.

The whole country would show its true colours politically (a lot probably blue, but there you go) without the constitutional question and we’d have an evenly balanced, broad spectrum of what would then be simply called “MPs” in our “Parliament”.

Our parliament might have a proportionally representative system, differing from the current D’Hont method we use.

We’d have remained part of the EU and would be mutually benefitting from direct trade, grants etc. across the water, strengthening ties with our Nordic and European neighbours on one side and Irish on the other.

We’d have cut back on oil and gas, investing more in our (now nationalised) renewables, selling the excess power at a benefit to the people of Scotland.

We’d be forging new relationships all over the world, taking full advantage of a strengthened Scotland “brand”, boosting tourism and visibility to Irish levels.

Energy, water, the NHS and comms would (still) be nationalised in a mixed market-based and people-owned, climate friendly economy.

We’d be looking at a radically different and fairer, use, ownership and taxation of land across the country.

We would be building plenty social housing.

Oh, and more strengthened councils devolving power from Holyrood into localities. Bigger decisions get made where you live, less centralisation.

Meanwhile, we’d be looking with pity (but with open, friendly arms) at our greatly diminished southern neighbours, sitting within their self-created borders like wee Gollums. Hopefully something revolutionary would be bubbling up down there as well.