WWDC Part Seven

Woke up this morning realising I’d got more sun yesterday than I’d realised. My face is like a burst tomato. Always remember sunscreen, children.

Packing done, just away to check out, get some breakfast and then take the BART to the airport. I’ve already done my checking-in online, so I don’t have to be there early, but it looks like I’ll be there a few hours before I need to be. Being Sunday there are less shops open and anyway, I don’t want to be buying more stuff adding weight to my already burgeoning suitcase.

When I went out to get the Thai takeaway yesterday evening I initially tried to find the street that they call “Little Vietnam”, where the tour guide yesterday pointed out the sandwich shop she proclaimed was the best in San Francisco. I couldn’t find it however, but instead found myself having to go through the streets which seemed to be frequented by a lot of homeless people.

During my stay here I’ve noticed a lot of homeless and mentally disabled people wandering the streets. Often you’ll be walking along and someone will just shout or roar at the top of their lungs right behind you. I gives one a bit of a start, I can tell you. I can’t help but wonder if this is normal for any big city worldwide, or is it more prevalent in the US? The guide yesterday told us that the “Tenderloin” area of San Francisco was where a lot of homeless congregate, mainly because that’s the area where the “Glide” project is based. It’s a city run foundation formed to help out homeless people get themselves sorted out. Well, that’s where I happened to find myself yesterday, it seems. There were hordes of homeless people gathered on street corners, lining the streets begging, fighting and shouting, creating quite an intimidating atmosphere. Even for someone like me, from Peterhead.

I felt myself holding my breath and walking quicker to get through this area, thoughts of being robbed for my phone and cash running through my panicking brain. It stopped as soon as it started though and before I knew it I was back on “Market” again, the main thoroughfare of downtown San Francisco.

I do love the way that Americans leave out the “Street” part of each road. I think when I get back I’ll start doing the same in Aberdeen, “Yeah, Burger King on Union and Crown…” “Aye, The Monkey House is on the intersection of Union and em… Union..?”

I’ve really enjoyed my trip here and hope to come back again, fingers crossed I’ll be lucky again in next year’s WWDC ticket lottery.

Meanwhile, I’m snapping this laptop shut and away to start my journey home.

See you on the other side, amigos.