Podcast to the Nation

There are now at least three really good podcasts, in my opinion, discussing matters related to the Scottish Independence Referendum:

First up, the feisty Lesley Riddoch and Chris Smith present The Lesley Riddoch Podcast. It’s available to stream or download direct from Lesley’s website, or you can subscribe in iTunes and listen to it on a podcast app on your mobile device when you’re out and about.

The second one is actually a podcast channel, comprising of a couple of shows from Michael Greenwell. His Scottish Independence Podcast is one where he interviews prominent figures in the independence debate and there’s the “For A’ That” podcast, which is more of a discussion show about relevant independence topics. There’s a single iTunes feed for them here.

The third and newest to the independence podcasting world is Derek Bateman’s “Bateman Broadcasting”. The former (retired) BBC presenter already has an excellent blog and now you can download some great interviews either direct from his dedicated podcast website or if you wish, his newly created iTunes subscription.

All these are excellent programmes that I look forward to in a most eager fashion each week.

Subscribe to them all! These productions are a must-listen if you wish to balance the mainstream media’s take on the referendum.

If you know of any more we should be aware of, give me a shout on Twitter and I’ll add them to this page.