Haven’t Been Here In A While

Just looking at this blog for the first time in quite a while. August 2015 was the last entry. Just as I stopped drinking and got myself a girlfriend.

Well, circumstances have changed yet again. Still aff the drink, but unfortunately I’m back to being single.

Since that last post I contributed to the effort of getting Gillian Martin elected as MSP for Aberdeenshire East and we’ve seen a bizarre referendum on whether or not the UK should be a member of the EU (a consequence I warned plenty “No” voters of during our own Scottish Referendum - which was met with due derision at the time, as you would expect), in which Scotland voted to remain but the rest of the UK, apart from Northern Ireland, voted to leave. We’re still waiting on any kind of coherent plan from the UK government on this, although the Scottish Government have produced a detailed proposal which, to my mind, would suit the whole kingdom.

And the good ol’ US of A have elected Mr. Donald Trump to be their next president. A reality I felt would come to pass since the time I saw that video that did the rounds showing Barack Obama taking the piss out of him during a “Roasting” at some fancy dinner thing across there.

The only positive thing I can see about this turn of events is that it might be a trigger for a catastrophic series of events in the world economy, which is long overdue a reset anyway. That is if we can avoid World War III in the meantime.

Don’t think I could have predicted all that, though. Jings.

My New Year Revolution must be to post more on this blog. It’s strange though, most of the time I feel I have nothing of interest to say to anyone, but today I feel a bit different. Maybe because I decided a couple of days ago to jack in and deactivate the time parasitical waste of life that we know as Facebook. Feels so much better to be shot of it (for a while, hopefully).

I’ve also decided to take a bit of a step back from my activities with the SNP. Not because I no longer believe in Independence for Scotland - far from it - but it’s just another time sapping leech on me that I need to extract. I was the Political Education Officer for our branch - a post I’ve now given up.

Another change is that I’ve stopped doing my “Dangerous Club” nights at the Harbour Lights pub in Peterhead. I had a fantastic time doing that for the last few years - the people that went there were truly great and I loved every minute of it - but it was quite hard work spending all day setting up the PA, doing the sound and then packing everything away afterwards - not to mention having to find and book interesting bands. I’ll be glad to have my Saturdays free again - well, every second one anyway, as I get my son and daughter ever other Saturday.

I’ve already got a couple of new ideas I want to try out. Nothing big, just hobbies and that (leeches, I can’t keep away from the pesky blighters).

I still do Twitter though, I haven’t gone completely bananas. I’m not heading to the nearest priory or convent or anything any time soon.

Hopefully I’ll have some stuff to say in the very near future. And hopefully that future will arrive in less than a year and a bit this time.