Billy Sangster

Getting fit and getting endorphins

I Climbed A Mountain I decided I needed to do something to start getting fit again, so I climbed The Mither Tap, the second biggest mountain in our local range in Aberdeenshire, Bennachie. “Totally done in” seemed to be the sentence of the day.

Life reset

Reset Mode Happy twenty seventeen, then. I’ve been over-analysing again as usual and have come to the conclusion that I’m the midst of some kind of reset mode. Sorry if I seem to be moaning a lot recently, but I need to purge what’s in my brain. And for now, you’re the best option. I managed to get rid of a few things last year, but there are still a few left that I could do without, but am unable to cast away, well, because I’m either addicted to it or my livelihood depends on it.

Observations on cryptocurrency

Bitcoin Truths Apparently the recent surge in Bitcoin had been due primarily to an extensive uptake in China, mainly due to the current and prevailing weakness of the Yuan. In a recent interview with Gabriel Vine, Vinay Gupta puts across (quite rudely and forcibly, it must be said) his opinion that because now two thirds of the Bitcoin mining pools are resident in China that Bitcoin is now broken. He has a valid point here, in that because China is run by an authoritarian regime, at any point the government could decide, theoretically, to order a roll-back of the blockchain.