Billy Sangster

Holiday in Arran

Arran Part One The last week of school holidays before they went back and my second week having them full time (since my ex is working now, she only has them two weeks of the holidays. They went to summer camp thing at Skene Primary for two weeks, so that means I have them two as well. I split their two with me up and this was the last one.), I’d booked a week at a lodge in Arran.

Me, trying green tea

Green Tea 1:49am and I’m wide awake. Since I moved to this house further out in the countryside (compared to the city flat I was in before, that is) my sleeping pattern had been relatively normal. Not this night though. I’ve read Irvine Welsh’s Sex Lives of Siamese Twins over the last week or so and there were more than a few references to Green Tea in it - one of the main characters is a fitness freak and that, and water, is all she seems to drink.