Billy Sangster

Some pro-independence information

Pro-independence information online While out canvassing, I’ve been finding that a lot of people want to find out more about the pro-independence side of the campaign, but feel they are being denied that information from traditional media. Here are some of the ones that I use: Websites: Yes Scotland Women for Independence Wings over Scotland Newsnet Scotland The National Collective Business for Scotland Bella Caledonia Radical Independence Labour for Independence

A band renunion gig

Never Has Beens Saturday saw my band gigging again. We’ve been at it, on and off, since 1989. Our band, The Mighty Human Generator, have played in and around the North East of Scotland but never really further than that. We play our own stuff and can count on one hand the amount of cover versions we’ve crucified. We released a four track twelve inch single in 1991, or 1992 maybe, then a five track CD a few years later (with a different line up).

My first SNP conference

First SNP Conference Up early and excited this morning, today was the day I’d been waiting for, for quite a while now. I was going to my first Scottish National Party Conference. I’d been having a quiet few weeks work-wise, so I wasn’t going to be a problem finding the time off for it. I had my breakfast and coffee and contemplated what time I should head into the AECC for the event.