Billy Sangster

I went on a CND march and reminsced about my first one in the eighties

CND March This Saturday (the fifth of April), I went down to Glasgow for a Scottish CND march. I haven’t been to one since the early eighties, when a couple of friends and I went down to a march and rally in Glasgow Green. Anyway, I took some video of the day while I was there (unfortunately none of the actual marching, due to technical ineptness) and cobbled it together and posted it here on Vimeo:

My reasons for being pro Scottish Independence

Indy Reasons Did a wee video for the #IndyReasons hashtag that the National Collective (@WeAreNational on Twitter) created this week, on the day that could potentially be Scotland’s day of independence in two years time, if the YES campaign are successful. This is the one that took almost six hours to upload, as I mentioned in the last post.

Wishing I had a fibre connection at Newburgh

Fibre Provider Almost six hours I waited, the other day, for my broadband connection to upload a relatively meagre 122MB video file to Vimeo. The BT broadband connection I’ve got here is typical for a rural service. Downloading content doesn’t seem that bad, a bit intermittent at times, but it’s only when uploading something that you realise how woefully slow the ‘pipes’ are round these parts. Most places in Scotland are being upgraded to fibre this last year or so, due in no small part to the Scottish Government making £210m in funds available in their Step Change 2015 programme.