Billy Sangster

Sixth day

WWDC Part Six A day for sightseeing. I noticed a place selling tickets for a hop on-hop off open topped bus tour yesterday, so I headed there straight after I finished my breakfast at “Roxanne’s Café” this morning. I had a kind of omelette with mushrooms, spinach and sliced sausage through it. I think it had some kind of cheese in it too. There was a potato thing as a side and toast.

Third day

WWDC Part Four Wednesday was a day of more sessions (I attended six!) and I managed to abstain from going to the pub at night. I’m quite liking my wee routine, but one thing I still find strange is having sweet things for breakfast. The fancy cakes make my guilt go through the roof every morning, it just feels reckless to be having thick cinnamon buns smothered with buttercream along with my coffee first thing, but hey, when in Rome and all that, eh?

Second day

WWDC Part Three Started getting into a some kind of routine by Tuesday morning. Still not sleeping properly, but I never sleep properly when I’m at home anyway so there’s nothing new in that respect, I suppose. I get up, have my shower, grab the coveted WWDC jacket and my laptop bag and head out the hotel door. Into the evil Starbucks just down the road a bit (quite pleased that the Starbucks app works internationally, although I’ll be paying through the nose for it with the exchange rate no doubt.