Billy Sangster

Using an RSS reader

RSS Habit During the referendum campaign, my Twitter feed became unmanageable, to say the least. I’ve ended up following over a thousand accounts and the “noise” created from that is bananas. I put up with it, intending to have a cull once the referendum was over. I really thought that everything would go “back to normal”, but it just hasn’t (not that I really mind; it’s great that most are staying politically engaged with the continuing debate).

My canvassing story over the referendum

My Guerilla Canvassing Experience I mentioned the other day in the last rambling podcast (jings, I fairly go on when given the chance!) the places I’d been canvassing and leafleting during the referendum. I thought about it since and there’s actually quite a few. Here, for my own interests mainly, is a list of the places I’ve been: Newburgh Pitmedden Oldmeldrum Newmachar Udny Station Udny Green Ellon Methlick Inverurie Rothienorman Daviot(leafleting) Turriff Fraserburgh Peterhead Hatton Banchory Kintore Kemnay Alford Balmedie(leafleting) Aberdeen City (Seaton) Wow, I got around a bit in those few months.

Thoughts on the YES campaign - after

What’s in a Name? There have been quite a few posts and pages appearing recently on social media sites and blogs suggesting and proclaiming a new name for the (formerly known as) YES Campaign. I think the first suggestion was #the45, based on the 45% that voted YES on the eighteenth of September, but that was rejected by quite a few people on the grounds that it wasn’t inclusive enough (the point being that we need to attract people from the 55% that voted NO, not form our own club from which they are excluded).