Billy Sangster

Me at the Fringe (part two)

Edinburgh Fringe Trip 2015 - Saturday the eighth I woke up slightly groggy on the Saturday morning with that regretful feeling of guilt and betrayal at myself for drinking again. I had planned to not drink at all while here, thinking it might ruin my Saturday with a hangover. Fortunately, for the moment anyway, after I’d had a drink of water I felt okay and thought about planning my day a bit better than I had yesterday.

Me at the fringe (part one)

Edinburgh Fringe Trip 2015 - Friday the seventh When returning my bairns to their mother’s house, after having them for the fifth week of the school holidays, I found out that they were going away to Dundee for the remaining time before they went back to school, meaning I’d have a child-free weekend ahead of me. What to do? I decided pretty quickly that, seeing as this would be my only chance, I’d take advantage of the free time and go down to the Edinburgh Fringe for a couple of days.