Billy Sangster

Wind turbines as a renewable power source

Wind Power An article by Newsnet Scotland today revealed that independent think tank, the IPPR, have published a report dismissing a lot of the negative thoughts regarding wind power. This report has addressed two common misconceptions on wind power technology: firstly, that it is not an effective way of reducing carbon emissions; and, secondly, that wind power is too variable to be a reliable source of electricity. I’ve always been lead to believe that wind turbines weren’t financially viable because of the government subsidies afforded to them.

Holiday in Arran

Arran Part Eight Back to reality then. We managed to get an earlier than planned ferry back by joining the “Unbooked” queue for the sailing before our booked one and got on no bother. It was a bit sad seeing the Isle fading away into the distance, but my bairns didn’t let me ponder for long; there was juice and stuff to buy from the café onboard, then before we knew it, it was time to go back down to the van and start the four hour journey home to Newburgh.