Billy Sangster

Scottish Independence related podcasts

Podcast to the Nation There are now at least three really good podcasts, in my opinion, discussing matters related to the Scottish Independence Referendum: First up, the feisty Lesley Riddoch and Chris Smith present The Lesley Riddoch Podcast. It’s available to stream or download direct from Lesley’s website, or you can subscribe in iTunes and listen to it on a podcast app on your mobile device when you’re out and about.

Seventh day

WWDC Part Seven Woke up this morning realising I’d got more sun yesterday than I’d realised. My face is like a burst tomato. Always remember sunscreen, children. Packing done, just away to check out, get some breakfast and then take the BART to the airport. I’ve already done my checking-in online, so I don’t have to be there early, but it looks like I’ll be there a few hours before I need to be.

Fourth and fifth days

WWDC Part Five Jings, I can’t believe how many blog posts I’m managing on this trip. I had intended doing a bit of filming, and I did get some footage, but sometimes the proper media for the exercise just presents itself. This time, it seems to be the blog that is the best tool. During the conference I’ve been eyeing the computing devices of my fellow attendees with great envy. Everyone here seems to have relatively new Retina MacBook Pros or MacBook Airs, as far as I can see.