Billy Sangster

First day

WWDC Part Two Pacific Time is eight hours behind Greenwich Mean Time, so after a couple of hours of intermittent sleep I awoke and just stayed conscious. Four AM is lunchtime back home, so although my brain felt wide awake, my body was still in a bit of turmoil as to what exactly was going on. Down at Moscone the guys who I’d seen the night before setting up their chairs, sleeping bags and tents for an all night vigil were probably at the head of a queue that no doubt spanned almost all the way around the block.

Getting there

WWDC Part One Getting a ticket for The Apple “World Wide Developer Conference” (WWDC) this year was a dream come true for me. It is a lottery now whether you get to attend or not and when I got the email telling me I’d been successful, I was over the moon. Then I looked at the date I’d have to fly and something was bugging my mind about it; I was sure there was something I was supposed to be doing around then.

My complaint to the BBC

My BBC Complaint The behaviour of the BBC during the Independence Referendum do far has been dubious to say the least, as Lesley Riddoch says in this latest piece on Newsnet Scotland. In what was my first ever complaint to the BBC, I had a moan about the same biased animated film. It may not be the best written of complaints, because I don’t think I’m really very good at this sort of thing, but here it is anyway: